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Investment Philosophy

At Holborn, we are driven by these methodologies:-

1. Seek Active Management

We believe many of the region’s widely used indices are backward looking and are not representative of the industries and companies that will be successful in the future. We look to invest in undervalued companies and projects  'under the radar' whose potential has yet to be fully recognized by the market.

2. Long Terms Focus on Asia

We employ a range of strategies across the risk-reward spectrum and launch new strategies when there are compelling investment opportunities in the region.

3.     Driven by

                Fundamental Research

We believe a long-term approach is the most effective way to capitalize on Asia’s evolution. Our Principals draw on experience to identify companies that stand to benefit from the growth and development of markets throughout the region.


4.     Dynamic Strategies 


For our investment portfolio, we employ a fundamental, bottom-up investment process that seeks to identify companies with sustainable long-term growth prospects, strong business models, quality management teams and reasonable valuations. Our research-based approach enables us to identify and exploit inefficiencies inherent in the marketplace, and implement a disciplined investment process that will add value to our client's assets.​ As for our projects and real estate projects, our involvements are forged through partnership with experts in the industry as well as identifying "gems" that offer lucrative returns in each property cycle. Holistically, our exclusive focus on a balanced asset management strategy minimises potential conflicts of interest and ensures that our objectives are aligned with those of our clients.


"The foundation of our investment approach is value investing, original fundamental research and bottom-up selection of investments
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