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Focusing on Value to grow our Client's Portfolio

Our Profile

Holborn Capital Partners Sdn. Bhd. ("Holborn") is a boutique multi-asset management firm with a mandate to manage closed end private funds. Founded by dynamic Principals who are passionate on seeking value investments and are committed on delivering consistent growth to investors, Holborn seeks to set itself apart from other boutique multi-asset managers.

We aim to deliver value to our investors by unlocking value in investments through our methodology and consistent aim to seek alpha gains on securities, funds and projects with strong fundamentals.

At Holborn, we strive to be the premier international boutique multi-asset management firm focusing on investments and advisory across emerging markets in various asset classes. We help our clients achieve an attractive and long-term risk-adjusted returns by being well-positioned to benefit from the enormous potential in the emerging fast-growing and undervalued region.

We aim to manage capital for global institutional investors. At present, we manage funds for sophisticated investors , including family offices and private investment mandates of individual high net worth investors.

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