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Our Principles
Holborn Capital Partners Sdn. Bhd. ("Holborn") is a value oriented boutique multi-asset management firm established by dynamic professionals with a focal point on delivering value.
Holborn is principally involved in delivering corporate and strategic consulting services and managing private  proprietary investments. Our expertise ranges from pre-listing advisory, project advisory, structured finance advisory, mergers & acquisitions and capital raising exercises . Whilst our investments focuses on strategic buyouts and co-investments in quoted securities as well as equity stakes in specific projects delivering consistent yields with high growth prospects. Our sectorial focus is vested in six key segments  and are geographically located throughout Asia.
Holborn is focused on the following sectors :- 
Sector 01
Sector 02
Sector 03
Sector 05
Sector 04
Renewable Energy
Sector 06
Our Focus
At Holborn, we focus on 5 key drivers to unlock the alphas in your portfolio
Developing Trust Through In Depth Analysis

Understanding the intricacy of each transaction and developing innovative solutions to address every potential risk whilst bearing in mind on manoeuvring and adapting to each transaction's respective challenged. Holborn ensures its solutions are able to meet expectations and targets. Our team brings together vast experience in the fields of corporate consultancy to strategic advisory in order to meet our investment's interest and goal.  

Value Investing

Establishing and arbitraging  investment opportunities that arise from market inefficiencies through rigorous value-style fundamental research and in depth sectoral and market analysis. Through Holborn's vigorous methodology, we pride in identifying undervalued investments and projects to lead  potentials to exit via trade sale or capital market listing.


Non-Mainstream Investing

We strive to achieve medium to long term absolute return, and are not always weighed in to follow any benchmarks. 

Our multi-asset portfolio is a collection of well picked high-conviction investments and not based on market trends, hence we explore market opportunities in a much more comprehensive way.  We will continue to build on our research capabilities to identify new thematic investments or seek other potential sectors to participate.

Identifying Market Opportunities & Inefficiencies 

Vast opportunities within emerging markets arising from market inefficiencies due to the market's concentrated focus on conventional sectors and its laggard valuations.

Diversifying Through Several Asset Classes

Our portfolio is spread across various sectors ranging from exposure in pre-IPO investments and equity strips in projects and corporates as well as real estate development. This blend of assets allows Holborn to maximise returns and taking advantage of each economic cycle  position without forgoing the risk-reward leverage.

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